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Some modifications easy to do

Postby siddharta » Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:35 am

Hi guys, I have been using many newsreader in these years. I am a heavy user, thousand of news per day.
I tried everything is on the market. I still think Greatnews is the quickest and the best.
On the basis of my needs and experience on other newsreaders in these years, I can suggest these modifications.

1)with the new wide screen, there is more need of space in vertical than in horizontal. So I tried to move all the toolbars in only one horizontal line, The problems is that it is not memorized this new configuration from Greatnews. When you restart greatnews the toolbars are in the former position.
2) The same thing happen for the column. There is not the possibility to exclude some column that I am not interested. Eg. column R and Column ! on the news list. If I do this, agaion it is not memorized and it return back to the former configuration once restarted Greatnews. ALL of the other Newsreader have this function working. I was asking myself "why not Greatnews?"
3) There is not possibility to change font and dimensions of fonts.
4)There are not other skins for the program.
5) It could be interesting to having a popup windows sizeable in different dimensions.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope this suggestions could be useful.


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