Problem with embedded spaces in link tag

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Problem with embedded spaces in link tag

Postby n2jtx » Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:10 pm

I have had problems for quite some time now with a feed from the United States Mint; . All of their CDATA tags have embedded spaces before and after the specified link:

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  <![CDATA[ ]]>

The net result is that when I double-click on a title in the news list pane, I get an external browser that attempts to open http://%20http// ... &ID=845%20. Internet Explorer's news reader as well as GreatNews reader pane is able to handle the link correctly through I believe GreatNews is probably performing a strict interpretation of the XML code within the news list pane.

I have written to the webmaster of the U.S. Mint but I seriously doubt that they will fix this.
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