A multitude of questions, suggestions, and pleas for dev/usr

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A multitude of questions, suggestions, and pleas for dev/usr

Postby stisev » Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:41 pm

Hi all,

Like you all, I am enamored with RSS and have found it has greatly cut down my news-reading time! Feedreader is a great client with some great features, but GreatNews is the best current RSS solution on Windows. With that said, here are a few suggestions:

1) Allow user to manipulate (drag) folders
2) Allow user to multi-select
3) Feature request: create "smart feeds" like Feedreader where "SmartFeeds" are created and watch
4) Allow line color differentiation & allow user to configure color. basically, one line is white, the other is very light blue or gray
5) Allow GreatNews to open articles in BACKGROUND of external browser. opening in foreground really distracts the user

1) Is there any way to turn off the auto-cleaning function? I modified the following and wondered what it would do:


Pleas to developer
1) Is there any way you can open this project to the open source community? I know the development has slowed considerably, even in nightly builds. I don't want to see Greatnews die! It's the best there is and can be even better with the open source community! Please! Please! Please!

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Re: A multitude of questions, suggestions, and pleas for dev/usr

Postby joeyeti » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:49 am

stisev's suggestions are great!

Especially the "Smart feed" function - from FeedReader - is great, as I can filter out many sub-news from one giant feed, read then through separately and mark as read that way... Watches do not really work that well in GN ;)


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