1.0 Beta Build 297


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1.0 Beta Build 297

Postby Jack » Sun Apr 17, 2005 6:24 pm

放到 http://www.curiostudio.com/nightly 下了。本来想等做完一个重要功能后出新版的,结果暂时不是很理想。就顺手作了几个小功能,release一下凑数。:D


+ Performance improvement. Now GreatNews starts up quickly even you have hundreds of rss feeds.

+ Added Channel->Refresh command to refresh unread counts

+ Sort by column. Clicking on news list columns to circle through ascending, desecending, default sorting

+ Added a new option in Cleanup Wizard to control whether to compress data file after cleanup

* Open Unread Group will open unread channel at root level if there's no unread group. (Thanks tdiingks)

- Fixed the bug that search channels don't show up in Cleanup Wizard and Channel Organizer (Thanks TCK)

- Fixed the bug that drag/dropping channel with unread item will mess up unread count

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