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Is there a setting I'm just not seeing?

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:14 am
by Conformist138
I just started using GreatNews and something occured right away that is bugging me: Normally, I mark an item as "read" before clicking the link to read further (so, when I go back to that feed, it's already gone). But, if the feed the article came from updates... well, I get thrown off the page I'm reading! I can't get it back (forward or backward), and the story is gone. I then have to go to Firefox and locate the article (thus, slightly messing with the point of having an RSS Reader in the first place). Is there a way to make it not behave this way? When I'm reading something, I generally expect it to stay still.

And yes, I know I can easily modify my behavior to get around this (always open in a new tab, don't mark as read until later, etc), but I like my way of doing things and it would be perfect if I didn't have to worry about being kicked off the article I'm reading anytime a new story arrives. I'd prefer to change a program to fit my needs than the other way around.

Re: Is there a setting I'm just not seeing?

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:15 pm
by MysteryFCM
Does it also do this when you select the individual item on the article listing? (top box).

Re: Is there a setting I'm just not seeing?

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:34 am
by Conformist138
I'm new to this program and really don't understand your question (it sounds like you're asking if it happens when I do exactly what I already said I do). The best I can do is be clearer about when I see this problem.

None of my feeds mark themselves as "read" automatically, I like it to be manual so I control it (I skip around the stories a lot). Often, I will mark an item as "read" (using the little orange asterisk) and then click the link to see more or to read comments. This is great for me, since I'll go back to the feed and the stories I've read are already gone (good for sites that update 20 times a day, clears it all out faster). The problem comes after I've clicked the story and am happily reading.

My feeds update every 30 minutes. Say I'm reading the comments on a Consumerist story and that 30 minute update rolls around. If a new Consumerist story is posted, then I'm taken from what I am reading back to the list of new articles. Because I had marked the story I was reading as "read" it is now off my list. I try navigating Back and Forward, but what I had just been reading is gone. I have to open Firefox, locate the story, and then finish reading. It only does it for the feed I have selected (If FailBlog updates with a new post while I'm reading a Consumerist story, it wouldn't do anything but show on my list that there is a new unread item, it won't force me there). I never just click "All News Feeds" (is that what you meant by 'top box'?) since too many sites update too often, it would be too much at once. I prefer to work one site at a time.

I know I could either disable any updates and do it manually, or I could work entirely in tabs and never just click a link normally, or not mark it read (so I'd have to go back to the feed page and mark it then, even if it's the last item on the list). These are things I can do to get around the problem, but I can't find a solution to actually prevent it from happening in the first place.

Re: Is there a setting I'm just not seeing?

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:39 am
by Conformist138
I thought I tried to reply to this, but I guess it wasn't OK to post, cuz after a few days, it never showed up.

Anyway. I was trying to say I don't know what you mean by your question. Hopefully this is clearer:

I click my, say, CNN feed. I skim the stories, reading and marking "read" all the ones I'm done with. Re-clicking the feed leaves me with a list of only stories I want to look at closer (read a longer story or look at comments). I will mark story #1 as "read" then click the link to read further. If all goes well, just re-clicking the feed will shift the stories up and, again, leave me with just the "to read further" stuff. If, however, CNN updates the feed while I'm reading, I will be thrown back to the feed main page and what I was reading is gone. If I open the story in a new tab instead of just clicking it, I will be taken off that tab entirely and go back to the main feed page on it's own tab. Luckily, the tab I was on will still be there to go back and keep reading, but it's pretty obnoxious. So far, the only solution I have found is to turn off any and all automatic anythings and go totally manual. It's a pain, as I can't just glance down to see if there's anything new, I have to stop and update and see.

If anyone has ever experienced this, I would appreciate a little assistance to make it stop. If no solution is to be found, a new reader will be. I'd like to have a program that understands "updates" should stay in the background until I'm ready to view, not force me off what I'm doing.

Re: Is there a setting I'm just not seeing?

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:16 am
by ktm
I get what your problem is, and it's something that's kept bugging me too... Haven't found a way around that either. So, unfortunately, I think we'll have to live with that behavior.
Maybe once Jack finally gets around to releasing the source...?