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Moving on ...

Postby daviding » Mon Jan 01, 2007 11:35 pm

Jack, thanks for your hard work in developing and maintaining GreatNews. I've encouraged a lot of other people to look at the software, if not adopt it.

When I did my review six months ago, it was a close race between GreatNews and FeedReader. Now that I've had the chance to look at RSS readers: both for full content and excerpts-only, I'm going to gradually move over to FeedReader. (I've got a lot of backlog still in GreatNews, so it will be easier to remember where I am, with a new year!)

I'll be keeping tabs on your further developments, and may be back in the not-too-long future. (OPML export and import makes these moves relatively easy).

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Postby Jack » Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:44 pm

Happy new year David! I'm glad you found the reader that suits you. I used to use FeedReader too.

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