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Sorting, column selection, filtering

Postby Cuba » Wed Mar 23, 2005 12:57 pm

Can we have sort options on any visible columns, ie. click once, it sorts by that column ascending, click again and it's descending.

Is it possible for GreatNews to detect what tags are in the ITEM tag in the XML and then display the value in it's own column? Sortable of course.

Hide/show columns?

What about include/exclude filters on any of the columns?

So, combining all four, I could filter to exclude (or mark as read and then hide?) all ITEMS with a CATEGORY of "Technology" or "Politics", sort by DESCRIPTION in descending alphabetical order and then hide the PUBDATE/date column.

I have a feeling this would involve a bit of work, but it would improve usability a lot.

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Postby Jack » Wed Mar 23, 2005 1:11 pm

Sorting on channel name/news title/date will be added soon, but not other columns.

Filter function probably will be supported by a News Watch enhancement.

GreatNews aggregates news items across channels. A channel group potentially can have thousands of items. Sorting/filtering on columns without indexes will dramatically decrease GreatNews's performance.

As for the custom columns. I'm not sure if there's a widely adapted rss standard extension like Dublin Core to support this kind of customization? I can see customizable tags in rss feeds have their use, but rss feed formats in current stage is already a mess, I'm really hesitate to make it even messier.

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