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Keyboard navigation - looks good!

Postby alta88 » Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:43 pm

jack, i was about 3 releases behind, just noticed the new kb support. huge improvement! some (hopefully ;) small points.

1. tab from tree view leaf to first headline in list should have focus there with selection (instead user has to arrow down to get this). plus, can't really tell where focus is.

2. tab from headline, to url, to reading pane - reading pane has focus but no indication (suggest whole pane be outline focused), next tab places obvious focus on first stop field.

3. shift-tab in rp places focus on the last stop field at the bottom and proceeds to tab backwards, even though invisible focus is on entire rp. if focus is on first rp stop field, then shift-tab reverse works correctly.

4. it seems if focus is on a stop field somewhere in the rp, ctrl-tab (invisible focus somewhere) followed by just tab places obvious focus on the correct place in the tree view. just ctrl-tab should do it.

5. i'd suggest placing focus on tabbed browsing tabs instead of bypassing them to rp. but instead of tabbing all the way across all tabs to get to rp, here's a good place to use arrow keys to move down to rp and up/back to url ;)


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