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One or two things

Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 11:12 am
by patrick013

One thing this program does is lose count of pages when it reads
news items that are labeled in that directory. Setting it to 999
solves that. But, otherwise if you are on the last page in a label
directory, say page 4, the program says you are on page 2 or 3.

The only other thing is the screen flickers on start-up once. Of
course other programs usually don't do that. Very fast start-up
so maybe a start-up pause 1/2 second command would let the
whole screen catch up to the rest of the program. I'm running
the 386 portable version on 900mhz netbook with a SSD.

If I could mark messages in a whole directory unread it would
help. It marks them read OK but not unread, so I can read
certain subfolders again in a main folder.

This program is slightly slower than some others when downloading
feeds. That's usually because it does more, collecting comments which
other programs do not do, or using disk writes when RAM should
be used before a batched disk write. Anything loaded into RAM
before a disk write is even hours faster sometimes.

I wish I could reply to a blog offline and upload comments when the
RSS feed is updated but I can't see where that is possible. The
LiveWriter is working very smooth, both MSN and Google blogs.

How is 387 so far ? Stable enough or still tentatively being tested ?