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Popup Window sizable and/or movable

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:03 pm
by siddharta
Goodmorning everybody, as I already told you, I am here after having tried all the major feedreaders for years. I use Greatnews very heavily with thousand of news every day.
The popup windows is too small for me and I would like to have more rows for the article titles.
I would like also to beable to move in another part of the screen. But the main problem I have is the first, the possibility to have at least triple of the titles in the popup window.
Is there anybody can tell me if simply changing some parameters in the files I can modify the number rows/titles in the popup windows?
I am not expecting that you change all th eprogram for me doing another release, just this little modification.

I thank you so much in advance for your kindness.
Greatnews ids the best ever