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Valid feed, but news items not showing up

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:58 am
by ktm
This feed is supposedly valid (according to this and this validator), and works perfectly with Opera and Firefox - but none of the items in it show up in GreatNews.

Since I'm routing all of my traffic through a filtering proxy anyways, I even tried rewriting it on-the-fly into a different, simpler format (sample output) - still no dice.

Anyone got an idea what the problem might be? Didn't find any bug reports resembling this around here...

Edit: Tried with a clean install, and it works. I'd hate having to migrate all my stuff to a new instance though, so I'll keep digging for now...

Edit²: For some reason, the "retrieve feed properties from internet" parser mistook the image contained in the first item for the feed image; I was able to fix that (the hard way: by editing the db and resetting the image (and hd_last_mod, hd_etag and contentcode) fields). For some reason, this also fixed the news items not showing up in my "normal" instance, so it works now.

Jack, you might want to look at the way you retrieve those properties...