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search feeds vs search google (external browser)

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:47 am
by bilyth
i like the search string & how you can use the same one for either news feeds or websites via google (or yahoo, feedster etc). but i notice when you type a search & hit ENTER; it always searches your news feeds only (& not have to hit the other icon to search google).

i just wish it was smart enough (or you could set it) such that when i'm using the reading pane for my feeds & type a search, hit ENTER- it will search my feeds as usual BUT when i'm in a tab & do a search & hit ENTER- i wish it would know that i don't want to search my feeds but search the web via google.

a subtle thing..but annoying when i'm reading a webpage in GN & i want to search google & it searches the news feeds & opens the news page.