Longtime Omea Reader User...my suggestions

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Longtime Omea Reader User...my suggestions

Postby bubbahotep » Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:28 pm

I've used Omea Reader for a long time, so I'm not new to RSS. I just installed GreatNews and it is pretty good.

There are a few things I would suggest...
1) Way to change font size

2a) Ability to highlight more than one entry in the news list for marking
read/unread in one action

2b)highlighting more than one item in the feed bar would be helpful for moving/organizing feeds

3) Is there a way to take "all news watches" and "all labels" off of the feed bar?

4) Help>Visit Greatnews Website and Help>Visit Greatnews Forum shoud open in a new browser window if I have the options set to use an external browser

5) If I do a search, I dont like the results to mark an item in the news list as read

6) When I select "all news feeds" in the feed bar, it closes the news list pane

7) Is there an option to keep the scroll wheel from moving to the next news item, and just scroll within the current article only?

8 ) Ability to display embedded youtube videos (the google newsreader is the only one I know that does this)

9) I cant seem to change the order of feeds within a folder in the feed bar. I can move feeds from folder to folder, but they always display in alphabetical order. I should be able to arrange the feeds in any order that I want.

Things I really like about GreatNews...

1) I do like the ability to export news to RSS. Thats a big feature over Omea

2) Seems faster than Omea

3) I like that inactive feeds highlight in red

Keep up the good work!

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