Summary of my current suggestions for features/improvements

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Summary of my current suggestions for features/improvements

Postby justauser » Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:58 pm

I've been using GN for a while now and have active on the boards. I've made a *LOT* of suggestions in various posts. I thought I'd try to collect some of my ideas about features and tweaks in one spot, to start a discussion. Here's the list:


- For any feed / watch allow the time/read filter to be set as part of the feed properties. Use the 2 boxes at the top as an override. Actually, the best would be to have the override as links in the page at the top center on the line where you have the previous/next links. Allow arbitrary time specifications. This should be able to be applied at the group or feed level and optionally propagated down from the group to feeds.

- Include a scripting engine and allow specific events to call out to scripts. For example, you could allow a callout to a specified script before or after the processing of an item from a feed, or after an item matches a watch. The rhino engine from Mozilla would allow you to use Javascript as the language and you can extend the engine with application specific methods.

- Use the Watch dialogue for the global search

- Generate a page for all matching global search results, just like you do for a watch or feed

- Add ability to have NNTP feeds handled by GN

- Ability to watch a web page for changes.

- Allow users to define key mappings for functions. Everyone likes different mappings, so just allow them to specify what they like.

- Clean up automatically in the background.

- Instead of just the "Blog this", allow other actions. This can include email, send to onenote, ....

- Improve the sorting to allow two levels. I want to group by feed and then sort within that by date, descending. I am sure there are numerous groupings, sort options.


- Add something to group headers that can be clicked to mark all items in group as read/unread

- For a feed, have the ability to stip all HTML formatting (other than P and BR) from the description

- For a feed, allow a priority to be specified and then allow this to be used in the grouping/sorting specification for a feed.


- create an overall summary for all watch results that is displayed if the user selects "All News Watches"

- Allow an option to mark items that match as read or unread and also mark the feed as read. This would allow me to mark all items as read except matching, or mark all items as unread except matching

- Allow regular expressions to be specified for the watch.

- Allow a time/read filter to be specified for the watch

- Email matching items (in newspaper format) to a list automatically every N mins/hrs/days and mark as read

- I'd like to have a watch be able to be part of a normal group and appear in that groups newspaper.

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