ERROR[14]: unable to open database file

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ERROR[14]: unable to open database file

Postby soosan » Sat Jul 21, 2007 5:34 am

Can anyone help me with this problem please. I get the message "ERROR[14]: unable to open database file" every time I open up GreatNews reader.

I originally installed the program and set the db file to a different drive (not the C: drive). I can't remember why the program crashed, but it did, so I re-installed. This time I wasn't asked which drive/folder I wanted to store the db file in - it just installed it in the program folder on the C: drive.

GN opens up normally but every link is a "failed" link. When I try to "organized feeds" it says it can't open the db file.

I'm using Windows Vista (32 bit). I've uninstalled and reinstalled about 4 times now - i've also used the .zip file instead of the .exe. I've searched the registry keys for entries associated with GreatNews and deleted them and I've deleted the left over folders after uninstalling the program.

None of this has helped.

I really like the look of this program and would love to start using it. Can anyone help, please?

:cry: :?

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