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Timeout problem.

Postby Banji » Fri Jul 20, 2007 8:55 pm

When using dial-up or low speed broadband (like we have in Nepal) GreatNews has a timeout problem, when retrieving larger feeds.

The problem is that after some seconds GreatNews are giving an error message like "Download was aborted due to internet connection timeout." + an error code. But GreatNews are receiving data from the feed-server, but because of the slow connection it takes longer time to retrieve the whole feed than the timeout (ChannelUpdateTimeout).

Can you please change the way this timeout is working so that as long as data is being retrieved it will not timeout.

I know about NumOfConcurrentUpdate and ChannelUpdateTimeout (below my setting), but if I set ChannelUpdateTimeout to 60 seconds I can retrieve these feeds I'm having problems with, but now it will take very long time if some of the feed-servers does not response, so the best way would be if data is received it does not timeout and no data then it timeout after the ChannelUpdateTimeout value.

My current setting is:


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