Crash and unrelated suggestion

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Crash and unrelated suggestion

Postby sschech » Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:45 pm

I run WinXp SP2 and Great News at the moment. I'm running Great News both on my home PC and in the office (ssshhh!).

What's odd is that I've hit this thing where everytime I click on the feed for Amateur Gourmet ( at home, Great News shuts down. When clicking on it in the office, it continues just fine. I've noticed that things seem to slow down in general if the feed I'm trying to display has an embedded video, and this one does have one (not YouTube) in a recent post.

But why would it crash on one PC and not on another? (Yes, the number of variables in Windows, etc. etc. etc., but it still strikes me as odd.)

My unrelated suggestion - as I said, I'm running this on two PCs. It's easy enough to keep my news feeds in sync via importing and exporting XML files. But I wish I could keep read status on articles in sync as well.

It's a minor point and I know I could avoid this with web-based news readers, but I've come to really like Great News and prefer it to all of the web-based readers that I've tried.


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