Next set of major nw features?

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Next set of major nw features?

Postby justauser » Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:48 am

Peter, GreatNews remains the *best* RSS reader out there. But, all of the users always want more. A lot of the recent work has been pretty incremental. I know there have been a lot of suggestions on the forum. I was wondering if you would share your thought about where you see the next major funcitonal enhancements being.

My votes:

- Using the watch dialog for searches and then being able to view results as a newspaper
- Allowing watches to tag matching items, mark as read unmatched items, etc.
- Improve the keyboard interface, perhaps allowing users to pick key <->function matches
- More flexibility in setting a date range for the filter ( last 72 hours, between X and Y, etc) or unread + watch matches
- Assign the filter to use for reading to the feed instead of being global
- "Group" level newspaper to display results for all watches

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