Latest version crashes a lot

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Latest version crashes a lot

Postby hpw » Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:03 am


This version crashes several times a day (al previous versions where rock-stable). Sometimes it just dies, other times it gives a small messagewindow saying 'unknown error occured'. When I click on the ok-button the same error just pops up again. After restarting the program everything seems ok for a while. Problems occur while updating feeds. Sometimes restarting the program gets past the problem, until the next feed update or so.

Also, sometimes it seems that greatnews is creating a huge memoryleak, eating up 300 Mb available ram in seconds. I've also seen my cpu-load rising from a few percent (with loads of programs running in the background) to 60 percent and more when greatnews is running. Closing down greatnews brings the cpu-load back down immediately.

It seems something problematic has sneeked into your latest code.

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Postby Jack » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:41 am

The latest build does run the same suite of tests for 24 hours before releasing. I suspect the crashing either caused by machine configuration or some specific feeds. Could you please tell me the following:

1. OS and service pack installed
2. Language
3. IE version and service pack installed
4. Directly connected to internet or through proxy?
5. Do you have rss feeds that frequently cannot be updated (shown in red) with previous builds?

If it's possible, can you export your rss subscription and send me the opml file for diagnostic? my email is Thanks!


Postby hpw » Tue Apr 05, 2005 9:02 am

OK, here goes:

OS is XP Home with sp2 installed. IE is version 6.0.2900 again with sp2. OS language is Dutch but I have most software installed with english versions.
I'm always connected directly to the net (no proxy) but I'm behind a separate firewall machine (IPcop at home and Smoothwall at my office).

I do have feeds that could not be updated but no difference there between previous and current Greatnews version.

The thing is that the only thing that changed is the Greatnews version, everything else is the same. Only build 293 shows these crashes.

I'll mail you my opml-file.

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