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by OneStopUser
Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:59 pm
Forum: Suggestions & Bug Reports
Topic: Toolbars
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Would it be possible to edit the toolbar contents?

Also, why is the floating toolbars placement always resetted when starting GN? Why allow moving them in the first place if the change is not saved? I would like to move the 3 GN toolbars permanently to the same level as the menu is.

by OneStopUser
Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:50 pm
Forum: GreatNews Styles
Topic: 2 Soft colors styles (normal & headers)
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2 Soft colors styles (normal & headers)

First I apologize for using 10 Minute Mail email for registration; I just wanted to share my hard work with all. Here's a screenshot showing both of the styles: styles.jpg And here's the files separately (since I can't upload css files) SoftColor Normal.css: /* body */ body { margin: 0px 10px 0px 10...

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