Full page reading
You don't tear newspaper into pieces to read them. Why should reading rss news articles be any different? GreatNews is optimized for full page reading, so you can scan through rss articles quickly. Combined with functions like "Open Next Unread Channel", you don't need to waste any time to find where all the unread articles are.

GreatNews is extremely fast. Even with hundreds of rss feed subscriptions, GreatNews's response is always instantaneous. You can opt to show news from all channels on the same page. And you have full control over how many articles can be displayed at once. GreatNews takes care of pagination for you.

Ergonomic Styles
Fed up with flashing ads and banners? Want a clean and simple layout? GreatNews offers several built-in display styles for you to choose, ranging from Newspaper which carters to natural reading habit, to Brief which offers quick reads to those in a hurry, to Firefox Sage for Sage lovers.

Never miss an important news
Subscribed techBargains.com and trying to catch a deal? With GreatNews you can setup a News Watch to make sure you get it! Or you can use news watches on any other rss feeds to highlight articles that interest you.
Categorize news articles with labels
Use labels to organize your articles. With just a single click, all items with the same label can be listed as if they are under the same folder. You can also use labelsto customize article exports.
Channel Statistics
Channel Statistics shows your top 10 most or least visited channels.
Keep tracking what's happening
With Search Channels, you can type in stock symbol to track the latest news about the company via Yahoo Company News. Or use keywords to monitor latest blog comments via Feedster, MSN and Flickr.
No need to hunt for RSS links on a web site anymore. GreatNews's reading pane discovers RSS or OPML links automatically when you browsing the web site. Simply click the RSS icon on the status bar to subscribe.

... and there's much more!

  • Support all major feed formats, including RSS 0.9x, 1.0(rdf), 2.0, Atom 0.30 and 1.0. Support popular extensions like dublin core, content:encoding etc.
  • Integrated internet browser, with tabs and popup blocking. Working closely with default browser like Firefox.
  • With Import/Export wizard, you can import/export all channel subscriptions in a single step.
  • Export rss articles to rss 2.0 format. You can also customize the export by selecting channel/group/label, and/or applying filters.
  • Bloglines.com integration
    Read everywhere at Bloglines.com, but read twice as fast at your desk.
  • Full text search with keyword highlights.
  • 100% Unicode support. Displays international languages on the same page. Use any languages anywhere in GreatNews, including Search, Label and News watch.
  • "Channel Organizer" helps organize channel subscriptions in one place. Use "Find Channel" to locate your subscriptions quickly.
  • Support HTTP Conditional GETs and gzip/deflate encoding to reduce bandwidth consumption.
  • Track Comment function automatically updates articles with latest comments.
  •  BlogThis function to post directly to your blogging service. Support popular blogging tools like w.Bloggar, Zoundry and Windows Live Writer.