Happy Chinese New Year!

February 19th, 2007

It is the year of the Pig. Good luck, good fortune, and much happiness throughout the year!

Build 376 update

December 4th, 2006

I uploaded a new build 376 to address display style issues reported with the original build. Besides updated style files, this new build added a hidden flag. If you put the following lines into greatnews.ini:


All existing user styles should be displayed correctly. But then GreatNews will not utilize the new IE7 features.

The updated style files can also be downloaded here.

GreatNews build 376 display problems

November 30th, 2006

Since IE7 is now included in Windows update, Build 376 switched html DOCTYPE to support new IE7 css features. Consequently some old display styles are broken. If you see overstrikes over text, please check if you are using “Default” display style. This style was replaced by “Simple” a while ago. Please select “Simple”, then delete Default.css from GreatNews Media directory.

I’m working on a fix to display styles and will release this weekend. If you have other issues like font size is too small, you can try download a copy here .

In the mean time, please check out user-supplied styles at GreatNews Style board . Some of them are even better than the built-in ones.

Video tutorial

September 14th, 2006

Rich Hoeg made 2 video tutorials on how to use GreatNews. They aim at beginners but are very professionally done. I found myself watching the whole video over.

Thanks Rich!

Update: Rich made another tutorial on “Create a RSS Feed Using Google Blog Search and GreatNews

GreatNews and Windows Live Writer

September 3rd, 2006

Here is how you can post to Windows Live Writer from GreatNews. Download this plugin and unzip into your GreatNews\Plugins directory, then config a GreatNews BlogThis tool with name LiveWriter.

Now under each articles BlogThis link you can use LiveWriter to post directly to Live Writer. Enjoy!

Update: Windows Live Writer plugin is now included in GreatNews setup/upgrade files. You don’t need to download it separatedly.

DiggThis in GreatNews

August 15th, 2006

Kyles Cove suggested to add DiggThis to GreatNews. Given the popularity of Digg.com I should have added this feature long time ago. While I’m working on it, you can use the generic BlogThis feature in GreatNews to add DiggThis function. Definitely not optimal, but barely usable.
1. Goto Tools->Options->Features->Configure Blog Tools

2. Creat a new Blog Tool, and name it Digg This. The parameters are shown in the screenshot. The URL field is:

3. Save and close Options dialog.

Now under each article you will see a BlogThis link, click the Digg This menu you will be submitting the article to digg.com!

Thanks Kyles for the suggestion!

Creating custom styles for GreatNews

July 10th, 2006

Michael Kizer published an article on how to create custom styles for GreatNews. It’s an excellent read if you want to create your own display style.

GreatNews ranked high in Randy’s survey

May 15th, 2006

Randy did an excellent analysis on the survey result.

Build 368 and GreatNews road map

April 28th, 2006

Despite of usual distraction of spring time Build 368 is out on time! Thanks to the fine folks from Zountry, GreatNews BlogThis tool now supports generic external tools for various tasks. To setup Zountry with GreatNews, please follow these simple steps. There are also many small usability enhancements like marking read/unread directly on reading pane, using quoted keyword in news watch, etc. This version has been released as nightly build for a while. I’m quite confident in its stability.

I spent some time early this month reviewing GreatNews issue tracking database. As you can imagine there are numerous feature requests and bug fixes. To prioritize tasks a little bit, I feel new functions in the following 3 categories should be implemented first:

  1. Prioritize channels both automatically and manually
  2. RSS enclosure(like podcasting) download and management
  3. Offline reading and archiving capacity.

Stay tuned. GreaterNews is coming!

GreatNews Language Pack Editor

March 7th, 2006

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your efforts in translating GreatNews. So I think at least I can help making language pack update a little bit easier. GreatNews Language Pack Editor is now available. With Build 365 English language pack has been updated to match the latest code.

  • To update a language pack, download build 365, start GreatNewsLngEditor.exe. Use File->Open Left to open gn_eng.ini, then use File->Open Right to open another language pack. The difference will be highlighted. Use Edit->Copy all new entries to right to duplicate new entries to right side.
  • To create a new language pack, make a copy of gn_eng.ini, then translate the copy.