Build 383 confusion

If you are using build 383, and got prompted to get newer version, please download the release version from download page. The nightly debug build of 383 will display upgrade message, while official release build won’t. Sorry for the confusion.

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  1. menjazz Says:

    I like this RSS Reader, and sometime I browse the internet using this app.
    I just thinking how about add some feature add blocking, disable flash etc.
    And this application will be the great RSS Reade+Browser 😀


  2. Neo Says:

    i love it

    it like foxmail


  3. Mark Penix Says:

    I rather enjoy your Feed Reader and it has helped me immensely with it’s simplistic approach to feed aggregation. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a custom them for your WordPress install, free of charge. In appreciation for this software. Please get a hold of me via email or my website. Again, many thanks.

  4. Véronique Says:

    “It is the best!!”

    I’m honored to say it!
    It’s better than any others.
    Quickly,Useful,Easy to use…that’s all what we need.

    thx a loooooooooooooooooot! :)
    I’m rather enjoy it~

  5. apachi Says:










  6. Alex - Podcast Junky UK Says:

    Hi there.

    First of all many thanks for a great piece of software! I downloaded it about a week ago and I’m totally hooked on “Great News” It’s on both my PC and thumb drive.

    I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing it at my blog at http://www.podcastjunky.co.uk

    Kind regards and thanks for a great piece of software!

    Alex – Podcast Junky UK

  7. Leroo Says:

    hey man, i’m too lazy to register on the forum, just wanted to tell that GN is THE best reader i’ve ever used. Please don’t stop developing it, and add subfolders :). Thank you, and if you want help with usability issues let me know, cuz i’m a graphic designer. Cheers!

  8. Paolo Says:

    Why not considering a Linux port?
    Your newsreader is so powerful, it would be a great success


  9. Jack Says:

    GreatNews utilizes some Windows-specific features. It will need quite some work to replicate the same functionalities on Linux..

  10. Guti Says:

    Currently and user of FeedDemon, so I like GreatNews speed, but IMHO it lacks:
    1) Ability to list only channels on left tree that are unread.
    2) Prettier interface, maybe an Office 2007 theme.

  11. Sebastián Says:

    I second Guti in the first point.

    And add another: multiple select/delete.

    I like this app very much and plan to use it for a long time, that’s why I’m criticizing it. :)

  12. Billigflug Says:

    I gave it at try yesterday and it indeed is awesome, didn´t discover all funcions yet but with this high degree of usability it shouldn´t be a problem to detect new useful features. It´s ingenious! BTW. when can we expect your next blogpost? don´t let it die here!

  13. Rockmusik Says:

    very nice indeed *thumbs up*
    I like it easy-to-use and that’s great about it


  14. FeedReader Says:

    I like its features but can there are some nice feature FeedReader313 has which could be implemented. GreatNews need to have:
    1. A pop-up window that fades out when a feed is received.
    2. Global feed update settings is fix at 15 min, user should be able to set to minimun 1 minute.
    3. Unable to drag and drop folders category or sort the folders order
    4. Unable to create a sub-folder

  15. Malcolm Marshall Says:

    Is this project still alive? The last blog post was more than a year ago

  16. GreatNews Says:

    It’s in maintenance mode correctly.

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