GreatNews build 382 – silent update

Some users found a serious bug in build 381. If an article is updated, GreatNews will update unread count but fail to save updated content. This bug was fixed in build 382. Thanks everyone who helped!

7 Responses to “GreatNews build 382 – silent update”

  1. David Tebbutt Says:

    So how do we get it? “Check for new version” doesn’t change anything.

  2. Thomas T. Says:

    My install doesn’t see the new version either. And I can’t find it under downloads on the curiostudio.com site. Nor has it been updated on Snapfiles.com (where I found it originally). I think maybe the change log was updated a little too early???

  3. camilohe Says:

    check http://www.curiostudio.com/nightly0/ as usually 😉

  4. GreatNews Says:

    You can also download it again. I will update the version number at the website tonight. Sorry for the confusing.

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