GreatNews build 376 display problems

Since IE7 is now included in Windows update, Build 376 switched html DOCTYPE to support new IE7 css features. Consequently some old display styles are broken. If you see overstrikes over text, please check if you are using “Default” display style. This style was replaced by “Simple” a while ago. Please select “Simple”, then delete Default.css from GreatNews Media directory.

I’m working on a fix to display styles and will release this weekend. If you have other issues like font size is too small, you can try download a copy here .

In the mean time, please check out user-supplied styles at GreatNews Style board . Some of them are even better than the built-in ones.

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  2. Gopi Says:

    Hi, I find two major pains from my perspective. One, when I open a tab, its the forground tab. Can we have it set to be a background tab? Two, can I change the browser of my choice from ie?

  3. Flug Says:

    Gopi, I am not sure, but regarding your first complaint you might find somethings in the options to change this. I am curious about IE8 and Chrome when they will be “stable”.

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