GreatNews and Windows Live Writer

Here is how you can post to Windows Live Writer from GreatNews. Download this plugin and unzip into your GreatNews\Plugins directory, then config a GreatNews BlogThis tool with name LiveWriter.

Now under each articles BlogThis link you can use LiveWriter to post directly to Live Writer. Enjoy!

Update: Windows Live Writer plugin is now included in GreatNews setup/upgrade files. You don’t need to download it separatedly.

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  1. andyp Says:

    Excellent! Now my new-favourite-feedreader and new-favourite-blogtool work together :-)

  2. wehuberconsultingllc.com » Blog Archive » WordPress Hack: Rotating Banners Says:

    […] My second objective is make this post using the GreatNews reader/Live Writer plugin. I have been using GreatNews for several weeks and I  occasionally use w.bloggar via a GreatNews plugin to comment on other people’s posts. GreatNews supports several “Blog This” options including the plugin to w.bloggar.  Today GreatNews released a plugin to make Live Writer a “Blog This” option. I was actually thinking about cloning the w.bloggar plugin to do provide this functionality to Live Writer but someone beat me to it. Live Writer and w.bloggar are both nice front ends for blogs but Live Writer has a better user interface. For those who are unaware of these tools, they are the latest attempts to add a little extra word processing functionality to the process of creating new posts.  […]

  3. Arun’s Blog » How to post from GreatNews through Windows Live Writer Says:

    […] If you want to blog an article that you read through GreatNews RSS Reader, using Windows Live Writer, then download this plugin, unzip to your GreatNewsplugins folder, then configure the GreatNews Blog This tool with name LiveWriter. You can then choose LiveWriter under each articles BlogThis link.  (Source…) […]

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    […] […]

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    […] Download page for GreatNews Blog This with Windows Live Writer plugin. […]

  6. GreatNews & Windows Live Writer « ‘Cross The Breeze Says:

    […] So whenever you’re using both these tools, make sure you check this out. […]

  7. Universo PC.net » Blog Archive » Bloglines + GreatNews = Eu uso Says:

    […] Pronto, simples e indolor. O GreatNews tem muitos recursos que você pode explorar, um deles a integração com o Windows Live Writer que pode ser conferido no blog oficial do programa. Agora assine o feed do Universo PC e acompanhe o blog de perto. Publicado por Fernando Furmann Arquivado em Dicas, Software […]

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