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Kyles Cove suggested to add DiggThis to GreatNews. Given the popularity of Digg.com I should have added this feature long time ago. While I’m working on it, you can use the generic BlogThis feature in GreatNews to add DiggThis function. Definitely not optimal, but barely usable.
1. Goto Tools->Options->Features->Configure Blog Tools

2. Creat a new Blog Tool, and name it Digg This. The parameters are shown in the screenshot. The URL field is:

3. Save and close Options dialog.

Now under each article you will see a BlogThis link, click the Digg This menu you will be submitting the article to digg.com!

Thanks Kyles for the suggestion!

11 Responses to “DiggThis in GreatNews”

  1. Kyle Eslick Says:

    Wow, thanks for the step by step instructions on how to add this!

    I can’t wait to see it in the next update!


  2. ??? Says:

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  3. Arun’s Blog » Blog Archive » Digg news through Greatnews… Says:

    […] If you are using Greatnews RSS reader and if you want to digg an article, then follow this instruction. It should help you to digg news and blogs directly from Greatnews. […]

  4. Derek Lakin Says:

    This is good stuff! Is there any way of configuring a blog tool to work with the new Windows Live Writer, in the same way as the custom button for Windows Live Toolbar?

  5. GreatNews Says:

    Derek, so far I haven’t found a command line interface to integrate LiveWriter. But GreatNews already has a plugin design for that. So most likely we will see the integration in GreatNews September release.

  6. Mario Says:

    This is great, just one little thing: there’s a typo in the instructions, there should be a “%” after “TITLE”, or the title won’t be carried across to digg automatically..

  7. GreatNews Says:

    Thanks Mario. I just fixed the typo. -Jack

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