GreatNews Language Pack Editor

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your efforts in translating GreatNews. So I think at least I can help making language pack update a little bit easier. GreatNews Language Pack Editor is now available. With Build 365 English language pack has been updated to match the latest code.

  • To update a language pack, download build 365, start GreatNewsLngEditor.exe. Use File->Open Left to open gn_eng.ini, then use File->Open Right to open another language pack. The difference will be highlighted. Use Edit->Copy all new entries to right to duplicate new entries to right side.
  • To create a new language pack, make a copy of gn_eng.ini, then translate the copy.


3 Responses to “GreatNews Language Pack Editor”

  1. Fenng Says:

    GreatNews ??????????????? ???Blog Feed ?

  2. anto Says:

    hai, i dont know where i can submit a bug without had to register on to the forum, so i wrote it down here, ok. sorry: )

    greatnews latest version always hang/freeze when try to validate my chanel in anthronic.com/blog. i suspect there is some bug in greatnews when try to validate a website that has three rss address in the head area. or maybe it just my system that had some unknown bug.

    but anyway, great software!!

  3. David Gilman Says:

    Feature request: could you add an option that could be turned on which causes GreatNews to give you a warning when you try and close the main window?

    Firefox has an option like this, if you want an example of what I mean: Go to Tools > Options > Tabbed Browsing > Features, there is a checkbox that says Warn on closing a window with mutiple tabs open. I think a feature like that would be welcome in GreatNews.

    Good job on a stable, well-designed product!