GreatNews keyboard shortcuts

Michael Kizer posted a list of GreatNews keybord shortcuts. I thought this might be useful for other users too. Here’s an updated list:

In channel tree:

  • F2 to rename a channel/group/watch/label directly on the tree
  • Ctrl+click to switch channel w/o marking previous one as read

In news list:

  • Ctrl + ENTER to open web page in new tab
  • Shift + ENTER to open web page in external browser
  • Mouse wheel click to open web page in current tab
  • ENTER to open web page in current tab
  • Double click to open article according to settings.

In reading pane:

  • Ctrl+S to save current web page
  • Ctrl+N to open current internet page in default browser
  • Ctrl+F to find text on current page
  • Ctrl+click to open link in new tab
  • Shift+click to open link in external browser
  • Ctrl+PageUp/Down to turn to previous/next page
  • Ctrl+Tab to switch among tabs
  • Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4 to close a tab
  • SPACE Bar will scroll, goto next page, go to next item etc depending on what you are reading. Scrolling mouse wheel at page bottom or scrolling mouse wheel holding right button works similiarly.

In menus:

  • Ctrl+F – find text on this page
  • Ctrl+H – search news item
  • F3 – search next
  • Ctrl+T – new tab
  • F12 – maximize reading pane
  • F7 – Next unread channel
  • F8 – next unread group


  • Tab/Shift+Tab to navigate among panels

8 Responses to “GreatNews keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Michael Kizer Says:

    I created a couple of formatted keyboard command lists as well, check them out here: http://michael.kizer.ws/2006/02/greatnews-keyboard-commands_28.html

  2. GreatNews Says:

    Thanks mkizer. That looks great!

  3. Michael Kizer Says:

    No problem… well, except that my blog’s permalinks got messed up when I switched from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress setup. The new URL is: http://michael.kizer.ws/2006/02/28/greatnews-keyboard-commands/

  4. ?? Says:

    It is very useful.

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    very helpful indeed, thx^_^

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