GreatNews plugin interface

GreatNews build 362 can use plugins to extend BlogThis funciton. A sample plugin to support w.bloggar is included with default installation. The source code of this sample is available here.

GreatNews plugins are regular windows dlls that export the following two functions:

LPCTSTR GetGreatNewsPluginName();
void BlogThis(LPCTSTR itemXml, LPCTSTR options);

where LPCTSTR itemXml is the news item and its channel in rss 2.0 format, and LPCTSTR options is the URL parameter set in BlogThis configuration dialog.

Very simple, right?

10 Responses to “GreatNews plugin interface”

  1. WordPress Themes Says:

    GreatNews + w.bloggar…

    Nella versione 362 (per ora in beta scaricabile solo dal loro forum) di GreatNews [che è un Feed reader] hanno integrato il supporto a w.bloggar quindi da ora chi utilizza GreatNews per leggere i feeds puo postarli direttamente dal programma ^^O…

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  4. Vanilda Says:

    Just so you know, WordPress actually has the same post from a bomelarkokt feature you are worried about missing. They call it “Press This”, and it works just the same as BlogThis! does for Blogger..

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