Tracking comments in GreatNews

In case you don’t read release notes(I myself usually don’t…), GreatNews build 354 added ability to track comments automatically. If an article has comment feed, GreatNews will show “Track Comments” link like this:

If you click the link, GreatNews will start monitoring the article, and mark it as unread when new comments posted.

This function is enabled for new users by default. If you upgraded from previous version, you can enable it in Tools->Options->Features.


7 Responses to “Tracking comments in GreatNews”

  1. pablotossi Says:


  2. unknown Says:

    great, love it!

  3. GNuser Says:

    it is an extremely useful feature, but there’s one thing which makes it not so convinient — sorting.

    the default comments sort order is inherited from `news list` pane, which is usually sorted on Date/reverse ==> it makes comments to appear in _reverse_ order than they were created, which makes it hard to follow if someone comments not only post itself but another commentator as well.


  4. GreatNews Says:

    It’s true that the comment displays in the same order as in news list. I’m trying to avoid adding another infrequently used setting. Usually I want to see the latest comments first. When i need to display comments in chronicle order, I just click the Date column.

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  6. Dave Says:

    Nice, small, and easy! Two thumbs up!

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