Upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.0

Simply one of the smoothest upgrading experience I had. No tricky steps, no surprises, it just worked… Folks at WordPress did an excellent job on this.<

One Response to “Upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.0”

  1. Time Management Rebel Says:

    Hi, I got to this page searching for “Greatnews WordPress” right after I installed your fantastic GreatNews software.
    All I was up to is to install WordPress interface to my copy, not realizing at that time how incredibly simple that was (I admit, I didn’t looked at it, guess I was staying with wrong tools in the past, didn’t know it could be that easy…)

    Anyway, if someone will arrive here same way, and I bet someone will does, becuase most of the info is burried down in the forums, here are shortcuts to related threads:


    And now off to enjoy my GreatNews copy…yipeeee! And many thanks for it.