Greg Duncan comments on GreatNews

Greg discovered GreatNews a week ago. And he still likes it after a week’s use

8 Responses to “Greg Duncan comments on GreatNews”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    still many improvements have to be done, but it looks like a very nice piece of software to me.
    Keep on with the good work! :)

  2. GreatNews Says:

    Test track comments

  3. Muli Says:

    I have discovered GreatNews today after doing a little research and working with RSS Reader and rojo for a while. Great News: GreatNews is a Great reader. I dropped all the rest. Many thanks for this software!

  4. G Hogan Says:

    Just found this program, Love it! just what I needed!

  5. Andy Davies Says:

    I’ve been using GreatNews for quite a while and think it’s fantastic – I’ve stuck with it for much longer than any other feed reader I’ve tried.

    Only problem I have is keeping my feeds up-to-date between my office and home PC’s

  6. GreatNews Says:

    Keeping feeds in sync among multiple computers is the biggest shortcomings of desktop readers. Except to use centralized servers, I don’t know if there’s neater solutions so far.

  7. Flüge Says:

    Feeds are just awesome, since you get news so fast, when you know what you like to be stay informed on and Great News is still the best one in my eyes. I wonder why you don’t continue bloggin’ here.

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