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Randy Charles Morin over KBCafe is doing a rss usage poll. The numbers more or less confirmed what I always guessed, that a lot of rss users are reading 100+ channels regularly (try that with a plain browser!).

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    […] KBCafe has a neat little poll about RSS usage and readers (via Curio Studio). I currently use GreatNews as my reader. Bloglines if I happen to be away from one of my computers, which isn’t often. Currently, I have 662 feeds I subscribe to, but I don’t read all of them every day. […]

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    My broadband has been suefirfng just lately, getting slower and slower as the months go by. I had an engineer visit because they diagnosed a REIN (interference) issue which is being caused basically by too many people connected down one pipe on Middlemore. So although there is nothing that can be done I was informed by the Openreach engineer that Middlemore is due to have FTTC (Infinity) in 8 months time, hopefully bringing an end to our terrible broadband. He also fitted an FTTC (Infinity) ready faceplate on my master phone socket.

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