Hello World!

Growing rapidly since alpha launch in January, GreatNews today has thousands of users from more than 60 countries/regions around the world. Here are the top 15:

China 37.4%
United States 21.6%
Australia 4.0%
Taiwan 3.9%
United Kingdom 3.8%
Canada 3.6%
France 3.3%
Germany 3.1%
Spain 2.3%
Japan 2.2%
Korea 1.3%
Hong Kong 1.0%
Belgium 0.9%
Italy 0.9%
Chile 0.8%
Total: 90.1%

6 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Hubert Says:


    How can a website apply to be featured in the default feeds of your software?


  2. GreatNews Says:

    Hi Hubert,

    Thanks for your interests. Right now there’s no established system to include default feeds. I picked some default ones that have certain level of traffic and are generally interesting to GreatNews target users. Please let me know your website. I will see what I can do.



  3. Levisu Says:

    Jack,This is levisu. Nice to see you finally put your blog on. don’t forget to put your blog feed into the Greatnews defaultly like Nice Bradbury. You see Greatnews has already cause some media attention. People want to include their blogs into Greatnews directory.’ I picked some default ones that have certain level of traffic and are generally interesting to GreatNews target users.’ I think what you siad is really a great start principal to include defaul feed. Maybe one day people will feel the same honor if they were included into Greatnews like their blogs make into feedster 500 blog, Technorati 100 blogs or something like that. Greatnews will drive massive audience to their blog to give them more publicity and more adsense income, in the mean time all the great traffic blogs will promote greatnews to their readers like put a ‘add-to-greatnews’badge into their blog just like put a ‘add-to-bloglines’ badge into their blog these days.It’s win-win system to be established.

  4. GreatNews Says:

    Levisu, thanks for your suggestion. However, GreatNews includes default feeds more for demonstration than for recommendation. It’s impossible to include every good feeds in GreatNews default subscriptions. Whether a feed included is not a criterion to determine the feed is good or not. -Jack

  5. Levisu Says:

    Jack,I just check your blog in my bloglines, there’re currently 132 subscribers to your blog. Not bad at this stage while you just launch your newly blog!

  6. GreatNews Says:

    Thanks. That’s good to know :)